Juicy Beef Burgers..

Hi guys, how are you?

Ever had a craving so bad, you HAD to satisfy it? Well that’s me and burgers on most weekends, I crave them so bad I can almost taste them, but I like to control what goes in my burger according to my taste buds so I always resort to making my own. It’s ridiculously easy, and so satisfying, I promise you’ll end up making them at least once a week!

You’ll Need : 
For the patty:
500G Beef Mince
2 Cloves finely diced garlic
Salt and Pepper for taste
Spring Onions Chopped (Handful)

For Onion Relish :
1 Small Onion Sliced
1 Chillie Red Or Green (Substitute with Tobasco if you don’t have – or omit if you don’t like heat)
Oil for lightly frying

The Rest : 
4 Toasted Portuguese Rolls
Rocket or Lettuce if you prefer ( I like the earthiness of the rocket)
Sliced Tomato
Cheddar CheeseIMG_0742[1].JPG

How To :
You should start with your relish.
Lightly fry your onion and chillie together and after 4 minutes – add a generous amount of chutney. Remove from heat and that’s it. (This relish is so yum – you can serve it with just cheese on toast)

Beef Patty : 
Mix all your ingredients together, and form into four balls.
Heat up your griddle pan and brush lightly with oil.
Place your burger on HOT griddle and cook for 3 minutes on each side, (scoop all the fat from the meat while cooking, and put back into meat – this is crucial for the juiciness)
Add grated cheese on patty while still hot.

Now to assemble : 
You can spread a little mayo or Dijon Mustard on your toasted roll – this adds a bit of tanginess but isn’t necessary.
Place your rocket / baby lettuce.
Place your tomato
Place your bacon and top with your patty.
Add the relish and you’re done!
(There are no rules, add whatever else you’d like and remove what you don’t, make this your recipe )

Side note –
I used leftover baby potatoes for a side.
Just slice some potatoes, toss in chicken spice and mixed herbs – fry till desired level of crispiness is reached, or serve with Lays Crisps.

Enjoy! You deserve this..

Big Love

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