Lemon Pepper Wings..

Who doesn’t love a good wing?
How sad must your life have been for you to not like chicken wings? Weeelll I didn’t for the longest time because I detest chicken skin.. but I’ve learnt to look past that buy buying the cleanest meat I can find, and clean it further at home!
My obsession with Chicken Licken wings didn’t last long though, as I found out they cause the worst heartburn for me. So I decided I’d make my own going forth, and they are sooo much cheaper, and dare I say better? Hahaha..

You’ll Need :
20 Clipped wings
Salt and LOTS of Coarse ground pepper
3 Small Lemons

How To : 
Make sure you’ve cleaned and clipped your wings, (Remove that unnecessary part basically)
Add Salt and pepper generously.
Before slicing lemons roll them around a bit to release juices and place in a bag with your chicken, add your fresh thyme.
Close bag and refrigerate for at least 6 hours ( The longer the better the flavor)

After marinating, place wings in a pot and with no added liquid cook for 15 minutes on a medium heat. (Prepare oven and put at 220 degrees )IMG_0648[1].JPG
Remove and place on a baking tray and enter into the oven, cook until the meat is crispy +- 15 minutes

Soooo good and juicy guys!
Serve with savory rice, chips or salad..


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