Mini Seafood Platter..

Hi friends,

Hope it’s been a good week thus far!
We’re approaching the weekend, and with it, the last of summer days hey..
I love spending summer evenings drinking good wine, having great conversation and eating wonderful seafood. Could be sushi, could be a seafood pasta, or a little bit of everything like this platter.

It’s really quick to make, and totally worth the effort.. I love all kinds of fish, but squid is my top favorite – i love it crispy!
Here are my recipes for battered fish, fried squid and fried calamari! Do make these.. IMG_1565[1]

You’ll Need
For the hake : (6 pieces of baby hake)

1 cup flour
1 tsp salt
Fish Spice for seasoning ( Salt will do just fine if you don’t have )
2 Eggs
1 Cup oil for frying

How To : 
First, we need to clean our fish.
Defrost the hake over night in the fridge.
When cleaning the hake, we first start with cutting off the fins on both sides, ( I like to cut off the tail as well )
The with your scissors or knife scrape the skin lightly away from you and you’ll get rid of the scales.
Rinse, and put on kitchen paper to dry.
After about 5 minutes, season your fish with fish spice, or salt and pepper. Set aside.
Now heat your oil in a pan so its hot when we’re ready to fry.
Beat eggs and add fish, Season your flour with salt and pepper and cover your fish,then remove each piece and fry till golden brown. I like to do atleast 3 pieces at a time. Drain on kitchen paper – drench in some lemon and serve!

Fried Squid Heads : 
You’ll Need :
500G Squid Heads
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
salt and pepper
dried mixed herbs
3/4 cup oil for frying

How To :
Clean your squid, by running it under cold water, dry and add to beaten eggs.
Heat oil make sure its HOT!
Mix 1 tsp dried herbs with breadcrumbs, add your squid and then fry batch by batch!
Drain on kitchen paper, serve with mayo ( just add herbs and pepper) Enjoy!

For Calamari : 
You’ll need :

Leftover flour and crumbs from fish and squid
500G Calamari Rings
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup oil for frying

For Calamari :
Gather all your leftover flour and breadcrumbs and mix.. add one egg and add all your calamari rings, coat well and add to hot oil!
Fry for 3 minutes so they don’t go rubbery. Remove and drain on kitchen paper.
Serve with simple salad and enjooooy! IMG_1569[1]

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