A Better Beef Chowmein..

Have I told you guys how much I love meat? 
I really love meat hey.. A good steak is such a  treasure and an expense, things this broke foodie can’t really get right now, hahaha, I don’t mind though, I buy offcuts and make magic out of them. Like this chowmein.. So so good! I used short rib cuts and for about R60 I was able to feed four, so it’s high on my list of favorite meals.. 

The secret to any Asian meal is to have the staples on hand. Once your ingredients are stocked, you can basically do just about any thing you like. 
Also, my meals are better because I marinate my meat for loooong periods of time. Sometimes 3 days even.. the longer the better. IMG_1438[1]

You’ll need :
For the marinate
Soy Sauce (half cup) 
A thumb and a half of ginger 
1 Chillie
Balsamic Vinegar ( Half cup) not typically used in Asian food but it adds incredible flavor

Everything else: 
Beef shortrib, 3 pieces
2 Packs instant noodles
3 Heads Puk Choi (Chinese cabbage) you can use the one you have at home
1 Red onion
2 carrots
Spring onions
And whatever vegetables you wanna get rid off ( But not potatoes please )

How to : 
This is one of the easiest dishes ever.. all my dishes are dead simple but this.. you need to do a little prep then you’re done. 
Start with the marinade. In a pestle, grind your ginger and chillie to form a paste, and if you don’t have a pestle, grate your ginger and finely chop your chillie. 
Add the rest of the marinate ingredients and mix well. Add this to your meat and leave to marinate over night. IMG_1436[1]

Once you’re  happy with the marinated beef, remove from the marinate and prepare a hot griddle pan ( you can use a wok if you have one – I don’t ) 
Heat a little oil and add your meat. This part is actually magical I swear.. the meat turns a beautiful deep rich color with the most amazing glaze.. cook for about 7 minutes on each side and remove and slice.
At this point, add your noodles to hot water and leave to swell. 
Chop and slice all your veggies and add to the pan with meat fat/glaze and have on a high heat for about 3 minutes, careful not to burn. 
Add your noodles and meat and toss one last time, turn off the stove and cover for 2 minutes, then serve on a platter for everyone to share. 

Easy, quick and cheap.. my favorite combo! 

Enjoy guys

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