Spicy Mussels In Cream..

Hi guys, 
Hope everyone has been doing well! 
I wanted to please share one of my favorite things to make and eat with you guys, cause I love you and wanna see you well fed! 

I try a lot of seafood and I love how quick and easy it is to prepare, so it’s a staple in my house. Mussels especially, are great for quick cooking, and go well with so many accompaniments like pasta, bread and french fries for my French friends.
It cooks in less than 10 mins and is oh so satisfying! IMG_1752[1]

You’ll need:
1 Pack mussels (enough for 2 people) R47 from Checkers (clean by running under water and scrubbing shells to remove the “beard” but these are halved ones so not too much work.
1 Glass Dry white wine
250ml Cream
1 Finely chopped chillie
1 Finely chopped small onion 
A teeny tiny bit of oil for your onions

How To: 
Using a tiny bit of oil, fry your garlic, onions and chillie together till the onion is translucent (see through) and add wine and wait for it to simmer. 
Add your cleaned mussels to the pot and leave for about a minute before adding cream. 
Add cream last, and cook for a further 2 minutes, and you’re done! 
I like mine with fresh parsley and bread to soak up all the juices! 

Bon Appetit! 



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