Sexiest Salad Done..

So I really consider food as an art form. Same as music, fashion, photography and paintings.. But the beauty of food is that it requires more senses to appreciate.. You use your eyes to see what you’re eating.. you use your nose to smell what you’re eating.. and most importantly, you can touch and taste what it is you’re eating.. 
This is why it’s so important like all the other senses to keep it as clean and simple as you can. This salad is my artwork.. 

I made it (like most things I make, out of necessity and scarcity, but it turned out so well. I enjoy it now with alone with a glass of white wine, and good music. (It’s an experience) haha.. 

You’ll need:
1 Herb Salad pack 
Half a packet of de-pitted olives
Mature cheddar or parmesan
Salt and pepper (Coarse) 
Extra virgin olive oil and Balsamic Vinegar

How To: 
Line your salad platter with the herb mix, and toss your olives ( I like to half mine) 
Add cheddar shavings or parmesan if that’s what you’re using. 
Grind fresh pepper and salt over the leaves, not too much.. 
Drizzle balsamic vinegar, and finish off with drizzle of olive oil. 

Guys this salad is so good.. 
If I wanted to switch things up I’d probably replace the olives with figs and add a tiny bit of honey too. 
Or use fresh mozzarella and green tomatoes.. sooo good! IMG_1592[1].JPG

Enjoy loves

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