Spicy Livers ‘n Chourico..

I love breakfast when I have time.Sunday breakfasts mostly, I especially love sharing breakfasts with my mom, we chat, catch up and plan for the week ahead.
Although most days we have creamy porridge, or scrambled eggs (both favorites of mine) some days call for something a little more special with a tad more effort. These are my spicy chicken livers with chourico and a sweet sauce..

You’ll Need :
500g Chicken Livers
1/2 A chourico sausage
A handful of baby spinach
1 Garlic clove
25ml Balsamic vinegar
75ml dry red wine
Salt and Pepper
How To :
Please wash your chicken livers, and place them on kitchen paper to dry up.
Add salt and pepper and leave aside.
Slice up your chourico and shallow fry just before it turns crispy then remove from the pan.
The oil leftover will have the flavor and spices from the chourico, and you can now add your chopped garlic.
Add your chicken livers and brown for about 5 minutes, the add your liquids.
Let them cook for a further 5 minutes and taste to adjust salt.
Add your spinach and chourico and you’re done!
Serve with toasted bread and have a great morning!


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