Hot Sardine Pasta..

I love LOVE pasta! Along with bread and potatoes, it’s my favorite carb!
I love easy dishes as you know! I initially tried this recipe with anchovies and although they are good, they are quite expensive so I substituted with sardines, and it was magical!
I’ve made it on my IG stories too, to show people how easy it is.IMG_2251

You’ll Need:
1 Clover Garlic
1 Green Chillie ( With seeds )
100g Cherry Tomatos
1 Can Sardines
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper
Fresh Basil Leaves

How To:

This is quick dish to make so you can start by getting your pasta on the pot, and while it boils, let’s get started on the sauce.

In a pan, warm up 2T of some olive oil and add your chopped garlic and chilli, let it fry for a few minutes. Then add your sardines, oil and all into the pan.IMG_2257.JPG

Mash up the sardines and add your halved cherry tomatoes and fresh parsley. Season to your liking, and add your pasta. Add a little of the pasta water as well to loosen the dish up. Let the pasta finish off cooking in that sauce and watch it absorb the rich colour and flavour! Throw a few basil leaves after dishing up and Bon Appetit!

Love Zama..


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