A different Croque..

Sandwiches are the most underrated meals I believe.. bread on its own is such gold.. and the fact that you can pack on whatever your heart desires makes it such a precious commodity.

I love bread! I love fresh well baked bread which I don’t always have access to, but when I get a good quality loaf of rye or ciabatta,I make good use of it. This sandwich was a dream to make, I’ve tried making a croque monsieur before, a traditional French sandwich of ham and cheese smothered in a cheese sauce and broiled.IMG_2298

What I wanted to make here was completely different, but it tasted so good! The combination of flavors is so satisfying!

You’ll Need:

8 Slices of Rye
Leftover mince meat
Fresh Basil Leaves
Dijon Mustard
One thinly sliced tomato
1Cup of Mature Cheddar
1 1/2 cups of milk
1 spoon flour
Cheddar Cheese


How To:
Thinly spread Dijon mustard on your bread, and line with a few basil leaves.
Spread some of the mince on, top with tomato and then with some sliced cheddar.
Toast the bread on the grill and set aside.
Make a white sauce with the milk and flour, and add your cheese.
A simple way to do this is to warm the milk, and reserve a bit to make a paste. Add to boiling milk, reduce heat and add your cheese.
Put your bread on a oven tray, and pour your cheese sauce over your bread. Then place under your oven broiler until it bubbles up.
Serve warm and enjoy with a cider .. So good!!

Love Zama!IMG_2293

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