Simple tripe and Samp.. (Ulusu no’Mnqusho)

Hi family!
I hope everyone’s been good, keeping warm and stuff.
I’ve had one long winter.. spent all of it sick, and when I have the energy to cook, my comfort is in food.
My favorite this winter, has been tripe.. I’d made tripe before, but hadn’t quite gotten it right. It was store bought and as a result, not as fresh.
I’ve found a supplier now, who sells the freshest, and best is – It’s CLEAN! This is a major bonus because cleaning tripe can result in you resenting the dish and no longer enjoying it.
I must admit though, I have no idea what I’m eating, just that I grew up on the stuff and it tastes good so..
This Saturday, I’m making it again (third time since June) for a friend, together with my creamy samp.. I cannot wait! I also find, the simpler the preparation, the better the taste, so no fancy additions..IMG_2327

You’ll Need:
1.2 kg tripe (or however much you like – I’m estimating that this is what I receive when I buy)
1 large onion
BBQ spice of your choice
1 Chillie

How To:
First, I like to clean the tripe, although it’s already cleaned, just a quick wash. When I was in the Eastern Cape in Dec, I was tasked with cleaning fresh insides from a cow we’d just slaughtered. I had no idea there was such a thing as over cleaning.. You wanna get the stones and grass off, but don’t worry too much about the lining of the meat being a bit “dirty”, this adds to the flavor and you can’t taste it. Cut into appropriate sizes of serving.IMG_2325

Add your tripe to a pot, add your chopped onion, your whole chilli (I don’t cut it)
And season with your BBQ Spice. Don’t add salt.
Add enough water to cover the meat, and leave on a medium heat.
Keep checking on the pot every 40mins or so, and add water when necessary. 500ml at a time.
The tripe should be ready in 2.5 – 3 hours. Serve with uMnqusho and secure a ring.

My recipe for umnqusho:
You’ll need :
3-4 cups samp
2 medium potatoes
Leftover fat (when you fry meat – save it) about 1/2 a cup
1/2 cup cremora mixed with water to make 1 cup
Aromat for seasoning

How To :
Soak your samp for at least 3 hours in some cold Water. The dirty bits normally float to the top, remove them.
Place your samp in a pot, and cover with water, let this boil for an hour or so, add chopped potatoes, season and let boil for another hour. Add your fat, and your cremora mix, and leave to simmer for 30minutes. Adjust salt, and mash potatoes into the samp (you don’t want chunky potatoes) and it’s ready!

I really hope you guys find the time to make this before winter ends. It’s so good, and making both dishes a day ahead really enhances the flavor for some reason. Spoil your man (If he likes this type food) and yourself with a meal that is full of love.


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  1. Pretty says:

    yazi you are doing great my love, I tell everyone about you!!

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