La Rosa Mexican Grill Tequileria review..

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I’m so excited about today’s post! I’m very fortunate that so early in my blogging career I get to do a few restaurant reviews and this was my 2nd with Hello Joburg!
They had us ( a number of bloggers) over at La Rosa Mexican Grill and Tequilera and let me tell you! What a fun night!!I got to the restaurant pretty early, because our evening was starting at 7pm and I decided to take a look around the establishment. It’s so beautiful, the decor is great without being “costumey”. They have a large upstairs area and a nice bar section that was full by the time dinner started, I mean IT WAS A WEDNESDAY so that should tell you something.

I loooove the Corona bottle chandelier they have, such a beautiful statement piece.

I went back downstairs and met Owen, one of our waiters for the evening, and what an incredible host he was! Very attentive and explained a lot of the things when ordering, like my first drink.. a pineapple and coconut frozen margarita that came in the coolest skull mug! I had a 2nd serving of the margarita but in a passion fruit flavor and HONEYYYY!! The cocktails are all tequila based and are absolutely divine!!

Let me get to the food because I’m so excited!!
So we got various starters because Mexican food is obviously very sharing friendly, and best enjoyed like that. Our starters included the most AMAZING Nachos with a chilli con carne and a number of cheeses, also dipping sides! Ooooh my gosh, if that was the one thing I had all evening I would have been content! But thank goodness they had even more amazing food.. we got Albondigas (Lamb Meatballs with a braising sauce and salsa Verde) and the most incredible Jalapeno Croqueta! They all just melt in your mouth with the most incredible bursts of flavor..

Next up we got mains.. Have you ever had perfect fish? The Baja fish Tacos were out of this world!! All the food is perfectly seasoned.. I mean PERFECTLY!! I had half an Oaxacan lamb barbacoa taco ( slow roasted lamb shoulder in adobo, pickled red onion with feta and salsa Verde ) by the time the Burritos came out I had no space in my tummy!! But I did make some for the incredible Churros they have..

All in all, I’d give this restaurant a 10/10 for the incredible service, gorgeous decor and amazing food and drinks! It’s authentically Mexican with no compromise on fresh ingredients.

I’m so excited to be going back this Thursday with a friend! I cannot wait..
Their details are
Honeydew Village Centre, John Vorster Road, Cnr Christiaan de Wet, Weltervreden Park.

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