Asian Noodle Bowl..

Hi family!
Hope everyone’s keeping well.

Today’s dish is something I had beeen craving for the longest time.
An Asian noodle bowl! I had bought a pork fillet and thought would work really well because pork is a much loved meat in Asian cooking.
The fillet is really salty though, so I wouldn’t use it next time. Just regular pork strips or even better, beef.IMG_2631

This is such an easy dish and can be considered quiet healthy.
I use a griddle pan to make everything so there’s minimal oil use. If you dont have a griddle pan, a regular pan is Ok! Just quick frying in a small amount of oil is needed.IMG_2633

You’ll Need:
1 Cup meat (chicken strips, beef strips or pork strips)
1 Cup Red Cabbage
1 Cup Pok Choy
1 Carrot in strips
1 serving eggs noodles
1 egg boiled
1 Red Chilli
Soy Sauce 1/4 cup
Ginger 1 spoon when grated

How To:
Chop your chilli and ginger and mix with the soy sauce and marinate your meat strips for an hour.
Prepare all the veggies by quick frying them each in a little Olive oil and salt.
Grill the meat and then remove, and add cooked noodles to the sauce left over.
Place everything in a bowl or mix everything together, completely up to you!! Place the egg on top and sprinkle a few sesame seeds and enjooooy!

Love Me.IMG_2641

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