Mince Stuffed Vetkoek.. Amagwinya..

I never write posts on Saturdays, I especially don’t write posts at 6:30 but I don’t wanna wait too long because I want you to make this RIGHT now!! The weather allows and calls for it too! Amagwinya or Vetkoek, are an item I believe encapsulate the spirit South African food! Just like Pap and Vleis, this little delicacy can be found across every home in South Africa, stuffed with a varietal of goods..

Living in Tembisa, I’ve seen how many people make a living off making Amagwinya, I’ve seen and been one of The people who prefer these puffs of fried bread over a healthier breakfast alternative.. I especially love how little children on their way to school will spend their pocket money on a treat, and they’ll shout out whatever accompaniment they want. There are many, like hake or snoek fish.. atchaar (mango preserved in oil and spices) and an assortment of “meats” or a range of bolony.. IMG_2823

When making them at home, the fillings extend to curried mince, and jams..cheese and more. My mother was never a fan of making amagwinya, so I’ve learnt now for myself.. it’s so simple and so worth the injury I sustained, burning my thumb with hot oil! I’m sure I screamed for a good two minutes out of shock, so guys please please be very careful when handling oil. Let’s get making these babies..

Vetkoek Recipe You’ll Need :

3 cups flour

1 packet yeast

2 spoons sugar

A pinch of salt

2 cups Luke warm water

How To:

Mix your sugar, yeast and water in a bowl, let it stand and foam, about 1 minute. Then add your flour and salt and mix with your hands.. Mix until you have a bread like consistency, then cover and let stand in a warm place until it doubles in size, then you can use it. When that time comes (45-60 minutes) heat your oil up, and get it to a high temperature. At this point you can unroll your dough onto a floured surface and begin cutting out 3cm thick pieces with a cookie cutter. Drop a small piece of dough into your oil, and when it rises to the top, your oil is ready.  Drop about 3 in at a time depending on your pot size. And watch them turn golden brown.. remove and place on kitchen paper that will drain the fat, slice and fill with your favorite filling.. I’ll share the recipe for mine.. IMG_2825

Curried Mince Recipe.. You’ll Need:

500g mince

1 small onion finely chopped

Garlic chopped

Curry Powder


1 large tomato grated or pulsed


You can add any number of vegetables you’d like, just make sure they’re cooked before hand. I used leftover baby potatoes.

How To:

Fry your garlic and onion until they are clear, then add your curry and paprika and let it cook for about 30seconds, add your mince, and coat in onions, let this cook for about 5 minutes, add your tomato and seasoning, let it simmer until the liquid has reduced, then add your veggies, the smaller the better because you want To have a manageable filling.. once everything has cooked, add to your hot Gwinya and top with a little cheese.. Enjoy!

Warmest Wishes – Me. AIMG_2829.JPG





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