Crispy Angel Fish..

Hi guys, hope all is well!

Today I’d like to post something I’d written for the Average South African site ( )and I think you’d enjoy it too!

I love making seafood! Honestly because it’s so quick and is a healthier alternative to meat.
Angel fish is a great firm fish which is great for using on the braai, just get the fishmonger to clean it
for you, and you can stuff it with a number of things, like peppers, lemons, garlic and butter, wrap it
in foil on toss onto coals for some time to enjoy falling off the bone fish.
This recipe is different, as this is pan fried. I enjoy light work in the kitchen so this is great for lazy
cooks like me.IMG_0839.JPG
You’ll Need:
4 Fillets Angel Fish
2 Red Chillies Chopped
2 Gloves garlic crushed
1 thumb of ginger crushed
1/2 Cup Soy Sauce
2 Spoons red wine vinegar
How To:
Mix all the ingredients together, and pour over the fish, let it marinate ( the longer the better )
When you’re ready to make the fish, get it out the fridge, and let it get to room temp.
I initially used oil to fry, but since I’ve gotten a griddle pan, I just lightly brush the fish with olive oil,
and put it skin down onto a hot pan. 4 minutes on each side, and you get the crispiest skin ever!
Serve with some parsley tossed potatoes and wine!IMG_0843-1.JPG

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