Quick Simple Pasta..

Happy Monday guys!!

I hope everyone is excited about a new week and what it brings!
I pray that we are grateful, and work hard at smashing our dreams! I pray that all we hear this week is a bell of blessings and good fortune! I pray we love those around us, and learn to love ourselves better!

What better way to show love, and practice care to your loved ones than cooking? We’re back this week with an amazing recipe to share with your family or friends, or have for yourself! (Self care is so important!)
Our first recipe this week is a meat free, quick but delectable meal!
If you go through my recipes, you’ll see that a lot of my food has Italian influences.. it’s simple ingredients that work together to create a rich flavour and indulgence in every bite..IMG_1529

This recipe like most, was created when the cupboards were a bit empty, and the stomach emptier!
It’s quick and hits every spot! Let’s make a 15minute meal!

You’ll Need:
1/2 Packet Spaghetti
1 Cup Cherry Tomatoes
2 Cloves Garlic (or more or less!)
1 Red Chilli
5 Fillets Anchovies
1 Small nob
Olive Oil
Parmesan Cheese
Salt and Pepper


How To :
Cook Pasta as per cooking instructions!

While your pasta is cooking, warm a pan and add your Olive oil then butter.
Finely chop your garlic and chilli and add to pan, fry for a few seconds then add your anchovies, they’ll melt into the oil, and immediately add your tomatoes! Season with salt and pepper.
Your spaghetti should be almost done, about 8 minutes in!
Drain your spaghetti and save half a cup of water.
Toss the warm spaghetti in the tomatoes and add that water to loosen!
Let it finish cooking, adjust salt to your liking.
Serve hot with chopped parsley and tons of parmesan and a glass of a good red wine.. or white!

Enjoy my loves..

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  1. Thanks for sharing a great recipe ☺️

    1. Thank you honey!! Hope you try it and enjoy it!!

  2. Can you come teach me how to make such delicious meals please

    1. Let me know when you’re ready!!!

  3. leeisaacs87 says:

    Delicious and I have all those ingredients hmmm dinner for tonight sorted.

    1. This makes me so happy Lee!! Hope you enjoy it!!

  4. So unfair that you always post ka lunchtime when we are hungry lol looks absolutely delish friend!

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