Steakholders Salad..

I know I’ve said that the weather has given way to salads and lighter foods, but it’s still best to have salad everyday as part of your meal plan.
I love salads because the ingredients in their raw form, are best for your health!

Like any other salad I make, this one was a mixture of things I had in the fridge. Leftover stake and some vegetables I didn’t want going to waste.
There are no rules to cooking, so add whatever it is you enjoy. Use your imagination and combine flavours your best enjoy!!

You could add beets, maybe walnuts, strawberries,steaks and balsamic go surprisingly well together too! Explore and do what makes you happy!
For this saladIMG_3778

You’ll need :
Steak, cut into strips (you can use chicken, fish or bacon)
Cucumber cut into thick thin strips using a vegetable peeler
Salad Leaves
Onions (I used pickled for a tang)IMG_3773

How To :
I pretty much layer my salads the same way, greens first, then vegetables, protein and then feta..
I don’t use salad dressing and prefer balsamic vinegar!
I honestly enjoyed this with a glass of water, and felt Kardashian healthy afterwards!!
(The next food post will be about fried chicken so that didn’t last! LOL)

Enjoy loves

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