Yellow Tail with Crisp Basil Potatoes..


Hey family!

Spring is 20 days away (Spring begins on the 23rd of September LOL) even our way of cooking is going to be lighter and quicker in anticipation of Summer! I honestly can’t wait to be drinking more wine and eating cold fruit!
Today’s recipe is pairs well with a salad and a cold bottle of wine, and can be made for lunch or dinner in just a few minutes!

I went shopping for fish the other day and can I tell you how shocked I was at the price of Kingklip?! I ended up getting some yellow tail which isn’t cheap but cost half what the Kingklip is.

So this recipe is super simple, you just need:

1 fillet Yellow Tail
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil
Leftover potatoes
Cherry tomatoes
Store bought basil pesto

How To:
I started with my leftover potatoes, and smashed them with my hands just to get enough mush out, then tossed a little Olive oil over them and popped them in the oven to crisp up. Normally I’d just shallow fry but we’re trying to get healthier so less fat right?
Ok so all you wanna do is season your fish with S&P and lightly brush with Olive oil, then place on a HOT griddle pan skin down until you see the edges turn colour so not more than 4 minutes and then flip and have it flesh side down for another four minutes.

Slice your tomatoes, and season with a bit of salt and pepper, then add to your warm potatoes and drizzle over some pesto.. toss through so it coats everything! Serve with your fish and a few salad leaves with a good white wine!

Lunch is sorted in a few minutes!!
Enjoy loves

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