Quick Fire Chicken Wings..

So for people who don’t know me, I am the most boring 29year old you’ll probably ever meet!
On a trip to Cape Town, I left the club/restaurant we were in to get ingredients, so I could make wings and Netflix &Chill (by myself) while my mates were out partying! Hahaha! Needless to say, I’m a LOT (Lover Of Things) and ended up going out with my peeps!
The wings ended up seasoned and ready for cooking the next day, which I believe is the secret to getting the salt down Ingo the bone!
This is the simplest recipe that no one can get wrong trust me!

You’ll Need:
24 Chicken Wings
100g Lamb /Mutton Seasoning (TRUST ME)
350ml Mrs Balls Blatjang Chutney

How To:
Clean Your Wings!
Make sure they’re dry (Pat with kitchen paper)
Season well with your mutton seasoning and leave in the fridge over night.
Next day, add 100ml water to your pot, and boil your wings until the water disappears (now a lot of people hate this method, but it prevents undercooked chicken and thus prevents salmonella so in fact I’m saving lives)
Also you could just roast it for 45 minutes until cooked.

Once parboiled place in a non stick pan to crisp up, if you don’t have a non stick pan, I’d say toss in the oven for 20 minutes.
While in the pan, you can add your Chutney rather liberally, and coat your wings.. let it heat through so just a few more minutes (about 5) on the stove or the oven with the Chutney.
Remove and toss some parsley on them bad boys (for presentation sake) and share with your friends with some good drinks and tales of the night before!


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