AmaThambo noBontjisi.. (Beans and Bones)

Hi guys,

Im so sorry I’ve been away for such a long time. I just haven’t been in the spirit to cook for the love of it. I needed time to get back to doing it for the joy.. I’m still not all the way there.
I’ve been feeling really insecure about my cooking lately so I have to rediscover my cooking style and trust that I’m a good cook. Before I get too deep, let’s dive into today’s dish.

I currently have a thing for Zulu men, and I want to learn how to feed them so I started with this meal..(insert loud laugh here)
I have NO idea how they’re food is prepared so I just took the general idea of how I’d prepare beans and Bones.

You’ll Need :
1 Cup Lentils
1 Cup Canellini Beans
1 Cup Black Eyed Beans
1 Cup Great Northern Beans
(You can totally use any kind of dry beans you have though)

1 Large Potato Roughly Chopped
1 Carrot Roughly Chopped
1Kg Meaty Bones
1 Packet Brown Onion Soup
1 Tsp Rough Salt

How To:
This is the simplest dish to prepare.
First, soak your beans in some water overnight or at least for 4 hours.
Rinse then add your bones and season with your salt.
Cover with a litre of water and let boil on a medium heat until the water has reduced by half.
Add another litre of water and leave to bubble away for an hour on a lower heat.
After the hour has passed, add your vegetables and soup, another litre of water and leave to simmer away for another hour. Be very careful, it burns quite easily after the soup has been added so stir frequently and keep on low heat until the meat on the bones is tender.
Serve warm with some Steamed or regular bread!


Love Zee


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