Spicy Mussels in Spaghetti..

Every once in a while (more often than a while for me) you need a meal of comfort to get over a bad day, or celebrate a good one.. get through a lazy one, or just enjoy an ordinary one.. The one thing about comfort food though, is that it normally takes hours to cook,…

A BAE Breakfast..

Howdy friends! Ever wake up really hungry? It’s 1:18 AM and I’m reallly hungry right now, and I’d kill for a good breakfast.. The best and most simple breakfast is offcourse the standard egg and bacon. Now if you know me, you’ll know that I love eggs, sometimes even more than meat and I loooove…

Chicken Liver and Cous Cous Salad..

Hello guys, Thank you for popping in.. I hope you stay a while yes.. So as the year began, I along with billions of people on this earth – made our yearly commitment to eating healthy, and I must admit – for the first few days – this was manageable and actually really enjoyable! I…

Crispy Potato Perfection..

Hello friends, So in 2015 I went home to Eastern Cape, to spend time with my dad,¬†we don’t have a huge kitchen down there, just a stove and some old “HART” pots and pans, they do a great job though, infact – they helped me discover how to make these crispy potatoes. When you love…

A deep love..

Hi guys,

Finally right?
I’m so excited to finally be starting this journey that I’ve beeen promising for the longest time.
I’m excited because I finally get to share a piece of myself that I really enjoy and am passionate about.
I’ve always had a incredible love for food, the texture, color, smell and taste.. but over the last few years, that love has escalated into a deep passion that haunts me even in my sleep. I dream of how well flavors will work, of how textures will combine, and how aesthetically pleasing it will be.. I love food photography so much, and learning when it comes to styling too.. ( ALL pictures on this site will be taken by me, including those Avo’s – YUMMY)

The name “Lamb Loves Thyme” is sort of a tribute to my dad. His name is Lamb, and I was going to title the blog “Lamb Loves Rosemary” but I thought, “what if that’s an ex girlfriends name?” hahahahaha.. He’s always been a fan of my cooking, and was always hoping I’d pursue a career in the culinary arts, and this will be my contribution to the world of food. Not as a chef, but as a cook..

My intention with this blog, is to share recipes you can make at home, and extend my love of food to you.
I hope you’ll be open to trying out recipes you might have thought daunting in the past, and sharing your ideas and suggestions with me.

Thank you again dearest friends, for your patience and understanding while you waited. I truly hope I don’t disappoint.

With love and sugar